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Yan Oi Tong Online Luxury Charity Sale

Yan Oi Tong has established its first luxury charity sale online store to collect and resell preowned luxury bags, apparel, and shoes since August 2021. Our online store not only promotes environmental protection and green living but also raises funds for Yan Oi Tong's Dementia Support Service. Let’s go green shopping for supporting a worthy cause!

For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Bernice Wong at 2655 7791 or email at

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About Yan Oi Tong Dementia Support Service




In response to the increasing demand for Dementia services, the four Dementia Support Centers of Yan Oi Tong provide social, psychological, physical, and cognitive training courses and workshops for the patients with Dementia and their caregivers. These services can help patients slow down brain degeneration, alleviate symptoms, maintain the quality of life, and reduce the burden on caregivers.