Charity Fund & Schemes
Yan Oi Tong 'Love and Care' Project

"Yan Oi Tong 'Love and Care' Project" was initiated in August 2009 and the project consists of “Emergency Fund” and “Community Support Service”. The project is in cooperation with Sing Tao Daily, actively supporting those families affected by natural disasters or accidents. A maximum of HK$20,000 will be offered to the family for their immediate relief from the financial burden.

Until May 2010, more than 30 cases were in contact and were successfully offered the financial support from YOT. More than HK$500,000 financial support, and more than 100 underprivileged families were involved. These families were suffered from typhoon sweeping Taiwan, Kwun Tung car accident tragedy, bus crash happened in Tseung Kwan O, and etc.

The social workers from the Community Support Centers will access and evaluate each reported case in order to solicit the most appropriate assistance for those underprivileged. Nowadays, most of the services for the needy likes the extended elderly services in rural areas, home maintenance and repair services, subsidies for the underprivileged, scholarship and the extra-curriculum activities have been included in YOT ‘Love and Care’ Project. This scheme has been highly recommended among the general public which lead more people get to know YOT services.

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