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Yan Oi Tong Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (Cancer Aid)

According the given statistics, there was over ten thousand number of new cases of cancer recorded per year. Between 2001 and 2007, cancer has been ranked as the first critical illness in Hong Kong. Amongst those cases, the lung cancer and the colon cancer are the most commonly seen. Unluckily, most patients discovered their conditions very late and required the use of new drugs or special tablets for their situation. For the use of this medicine, it always cost a huge financial burden on the patients and their families. The 28th YOT Board of Directors therefore decided to form YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (Cancer Aid) for getting the cancer patients and their families a relief from the related serious financial burden.

The YOT Chong Sok Un Medical Fund (Cancer Aid) aims to subsidize the cancer patients with financial difficulties to take the self-financed medicine and receive the most appropriate medical treatments. In the end, we all hope that more patients will be benefited from the Funding Scheme and the number of the recovery cases will further increase.

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